Shattered: Prologue

This is the prologue for the project I am currently revising. I hope to publish one day, but for now, enjoy your sneak peek at my novel; Shattered.

Levi strode into the Capitol building in Celestandria, a shining monument of the country he had helped to build. He had once been proud of the accomplishment, but with his years had come wisdom. Looking back, he now saw what he had built had become altogether too prosperous, and he no longer held as weighty of a say. He had spend decades complacently nodding his head and biting his tongue while the head of the Celestandrian democracy, The Only, had relinquished the government’s control, his control, to the people. His position had gone from from second in command, to more of an advisory figurehead. The Only had assured him that it was for the best, but he had wanted power.
He frowned, hoping the Only wouldn’t be so lucky as she had been in the past. He had attempted to dispose of the Only many times but failed. He was confident that this would be it! He clutched a brown paper box in his calloused hands, and looked around for someone to assist him. He did not want this to be a suicide mission, merely a way to instill fear in society, and to eliminate the Only. If all went as planned, this would be another step on the staircase to world domination. There, he spotted a small girl, whose Lightning blue streak in her choppy brown hair signified her rank. She looked young, perhaps 12 or 13, she must be a first year elite, he thought.
“I have an errand for you to run,” he said, guilt creeping into his heart. He pushed it away, hardening his heart.
The girl’s bright blue eyes opened wide, full of trust, “yes sir?” She replied in awe, recognizing him as the Only’s advisor.
“Take this package, and deliver it to the Only’s office.” He handed her the box, and rushed off even before the poor girl could even agree.
The Only’s office was at the heart of the Capitol, so the bomb ought to be able to blow up the whole complex, excepting the bombproof basement, Levi reminded himself. Now he had to make sure his 13 year old elite grandson made it there. He tapped his telacommunicator wristlet, and sent him a message,
“Meet me in the archives.” Hopefully he would listen. Levi then took a deep breath and shattered. An elite passed him by without a glance, and he shivered. He didn’t think he would ever get used to his invisible state.
Not moments later, an explosion ripped through the Capitol building. Heart pounding, Levi rushed towards the stairs. Almost there. 100 ft. 75 ft. 50 ft. Shrapnel rained, fires raged, and the building collapsed. Levi was buried under the wreck, not having reached the archives in time.
“A-” His word was cut short as the breath was knocked out of his lungs. He was crushed.

When the young boy made it to the archives, his eyes darted around, expecting to meet his grandfather’s, but instead they saw the Only’s brown eyes staring back at him.
“What are you doing here!” He asked angrily, as it dawned on him that his grandfather’s plan had failed.
That’s when he heard it. Glancing at his telacommunicator wristlet, he pulled up security cameras. Fire everywhere. He couldn’t leave the archives, as even the doorway to the staircase was burning. He saw his grandfather, his body crushed under a support beam. Grief flooded him and he collapsed on the ground, crying.
The Only slid down next to him, and rubbed his back, “I’m sorry.” She said, as she knew it was his grandfather who was responsible, but she didn’t understand. He had offered. No begged, to assist his grandfather, he had wanted to work with his grandfather, and help to achieve the family dream of taking over the three countries. But he had been denied, being deemed too young, and yet his grandfather had allowed one of the new elite triplets to help. Anya. She was probably dead, no one could survive a blast like that. Not even his grandfather.


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