Editorial 2

This is something I wrote out a while back. I didn’t do much refurbishing, sorry if it comes across a little odd. However, the quirkiness of it is one of the things I like about my younger self.

Chain Letters

We don’t get those letters in the mail anymore, or at least, I don’t get them in the mail anymore. I never did, though. From way back in 1905, Mr. Webster (my dictionary) brings us the definition: “A letter sent to several person with a request that each send copies of the letter to an equal number of persons.”
Like I said, we don’t get these anymore. A lot of the ones you hear about, or read about say something about if you don’t, you’ll have bad luck, or some other nonsense. And probably, a lot of people don’t even think about ‘bad luck’ anymore, so this wouldn’t work on them anyway.
However, there are still quite a few ‘chain letters’ around. Who here has seen this one? “95% of teens and pre-teens won’t stand up for Christ. If you are one of 5% that will, add this to your signature.”
As soon as I saw that, I knew that I was never going to use that. In my entire life. There was absolutely no reason to do it. While this doesn’t promise bad luck, or anything like that, it does something else. It makes you feel guilty. “Oh, I must not be standing up for Christ if I don’t add this to my signature! Well, no, that’s not how it works. You see, there are plenty of ways to stand up for Christ, even over email. e.g., add a Bible verse praising Christ. Or a worship song verse. Or something. But you don’t need to make yourself and other feel guilty just to spread some person’s ‘chain letter.’
This isn’t the only example. Who’s read a really touching email, and at the bottom it’s said “Send this to ten people you want to bless.” All the sudden, you feel as though you need to think of ten people you want to bless. You wanna bless them? Go ahead, send them the email. Just delete that part that’s not needed. The ‘send this on,’ comment.
Also, just as a warning, don’t do this with the CC (Carbon Copy). That will show the recipients to anyone who received it. Please use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) This will hide the recipients from the other recipients.   And, if the message is forwarded from a forward forwarded several times, have the decency to delete all that excess of email addresses. No one needs to have those, except close friends. And usually, the first person who sent the email is unknown to the third group of people it’s sent to.
Also, check the content. Is it really worth sending on? Now, things like funny photos, or stupid things people do (Such as this warning on Nytol Sleep Aid: Warning, may make you drowsy. (Wait, why am I taking this?)) usually are fine to send on, especially if the person has had a bad day, and needs something to laugh at. But an uplifting message, well, make sure it’s Biblically correct. Because a lot of things you get aren’t. If you’re on the receiving end of one of the emails, check it out for yourself, then reply with a rebuttal, as well as a message to ‘send it on.’ This is also where doing it BCC comes in handy. The only person who can see the reply is the one who sent it to you, and you don’t have to deal with hundreds of angry people asking ‘Who is this person, and why did you have to send it to them?’
Now, please send the link to this message to ten people you want to help.


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