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Internationals: Finals, the sequel

It’s over. We lost. Kind of.

My quizzing years are done. Doesn’t matter. I had one shot, and I did what I could. I helped the team, and in the end, we came in fourth. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Wow. It’s over.

Though, it wasn’t like we went without a fight. Central Canada and us tied on the last question. We went into a three question overtime. First question, Central jumped too fast and answered incorrectly. Good? Well, it only gives us a ten point bonus (because the third team had left the stage). So, question 23, Central gets it again, but this time, gets it right. Now, because of how late in the quiz their first error came, there was a 10 point deduction (17 on, besides having A’s and B’s, also has ‘error points’, which is a 10 point deduction). So, their correct answer gives them another tie with us. Sudden death overtime now. Correct, we will move on to the championships. Incorrect, you don’t.

I tried to jump, but I wasn’t fast enough. One of the other quizzers from Central got it right, obviously, and with an eruption of cheering, their section swarmed onto the stage, hugging and laughing.

It’s over. But I’m not trying to sound depressing. It was a lot of fun. Our team did everything they could, but in the end, it wasn’t good enough. That’s the way it works. You win some, you lose some.

So, nothing else to say but #goPNW!!!


P.S. Pacific Northwest (PNW) is currently the only US citizens in the championships, so my team feels the need to cheer for them.


Internationals: First Half of Finals

Well, we’re not in yet. We’re not out, either, but we’re not in. The way this works is double elimination. You need to win two quizzes to make into the championships. Our first quiz, we dominated. It was tight, but we pulled through, and beat out the second place team, and the fifth. (Placements are based off of the points from prelims, as I’ve already explained previously) Now, the winners of the first three quizzes (the first has number one team, number four team, and number seven team) have three chances to win a secondary quiz. Because we won our first quiz, we had three chances.

We blew our second quiz. We didn’t blow it out of the water, we blew it. Granted, we didn’t come in third, but that’s a small recompense for not being able to make it into the championships, especially because we thought this was going to be the easiest quiz to get in.

Oh, and the team who beat us? They were originally number seven overall. We were number eight, now, the lowest we can get is number five. Which, I will admit, isn’t bad, but I would love to be able to go to the championships.

Our next quiz is going to be at two our time (five back home), and will once again be streamed through the Periscope app. Tonight, for the championships, it will be streamed through Facebook at Even if we don’t make it, I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing quiz, so go ahead and tune into that.

Once again, thanks for your encouraging notes and letters. As Paul would say, ‘Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.’


Internationals: Day 2-3

This post is probably long in the coming. I don’t feel bad about not doing anything yesterday, because we had a really long day of quizzing, and I had a really bad cold. Random fact for the day, it is apparently illegal in Washington to walk in public with the common cold.

Yesterday started off bad. Real bad. First off, I had a cold, and the entire night was spent tossing and turning. I actually had a dream that one of my teammates was listening to my music, then realized that it was a dream and woke myself up, which was nice, because I could think lucidly. But I digress. Our first quiz, we had like forty points, which equals 4 on the board. We barely came in second. Our second quiz, we came in last place with a grand total of 1 point to be put on the board. We didn’t have ten points in the quiz though…We had zero.

In the end, things brightened considerably. That afternoon, we had a few good quizzes. Nothing spectacular, but we were able to keep our ninth place standing.

I’m going to pause here and give a shout-out to everyone who’s sent me encouragement letters. I’m not going to actually name them, because that would take way too long, but thank you guys so much.

And to Moriah: I didn’t actually read the letters in order, but when I got to the one I was supposed to read first, I cried, because I really needed that at that point in the day.

Last night was the talent show. During one of our breaks, we decided to perform Blessed be Your Name (Quizzers Remix). And, actually, for deciding to play it that day, we did fairly good. I played the guitar, Jessica Link sang, and Samuel Lloyd played the beatbox, which is what I call those little drum-seat thingamajigs. If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s completely understandable.

Also joining us where two random people we asked: Josiah, from Great Lakes, and Sarah, who came from….Somewhere…..I don’t remember the district. Anywho, Josiah played the keyboard (because Timothy Frudd and Christopher Lloyd, our two other teammates, were scared), and Sarah sang along with Jess. It wasn’t Tobymac good, but it was worship good.

After that, I played Uno with Mr. and Mrs. Frudd and Jess. Our soul purpose in that game seemed to be not to let Mr. Frudd win. And if that was it, we succeeded.

This morning, I awoke and felt so much better than I did all yesterday. I’m still slightly congested in the nose, but there’s nothing leaking out, and I don’t have to carry tissues in my pocket to every single quiz. Our first quiz, we jumped right in, literally. At the end, we had a 190 score, putting 19 on the board. We had no time to celebrate, however, because we had to rush for our next quiz. Back-to-back quizzing is always hard, but the quiz before us had made it even harder by (on question 20) challenging a ruling. Challenging is when the captain of the team stands ups and says, (basically), ‘You’re wrong,’ to the quizmaster, the person who’s asking the questions and making the final decisions.

The quizmaster listened to all three captains, then overturned the challenge, sticking with the original ruling. Now, this wasn’t the time consuming part. The coach protested, which is when the coach stands up and says, ‘You’re still wrong,’ to the quizmaster. This involves a lengthy procedure where they have to talk among themselves, and if a decision isn’t made, they find someone who makes the final decision, someone who’s on the board that writes the laws.

All that to say we were half-an-hour late to our last preliminary quiz. We gave a decent showing, tying for first with 110 points. (If you still don’t understand the way quiz points work, that’s 11 on the board)

Now, this put us in eighth place, so we were put into the XYZ’s, which is just like prelims, except the top six don’t compete. We retained our position by winning with 120 points. Now, awful as it may seem, most of the points came from bonuses.

Okay, I’ll break off here again and explain some terminology: First, an error = getting one wrong. Second, when an error occurs, the team must sit out for one question. It is now a toss-up between the other two teams. If another error happens, it’s a bonus for the final team. I think it’s called a bonus because it’s supposed to be easy points.

So, to get most of our points by bonuses, there were a lot of errors. In fact, on question 20, there was an error. It became a toss-up on question 20A. (Questions 16-20 have A’s and B’s). A Multiple Answer Question, the question Jess and I were both trained to jump on. Now, our coach had told us not to jump. We were easily holding our place, so it made sense. But an MA? It was so hard for Jess and I to sit back and let the other team get it, especially when it was one of the easiest questions I have ever heard. Jess claims she actually had physical pain in her heart when she heard the question. Honestly, I kind of believe her, because I could almost feel the same thing, except in my gut. Though, that could have been hunger pangs. It was just about lunchtime….

Well, that basically brings me to the c lose of this day. I’m alone in the hotel room, and the others went out to the amusement park to do some rides and stuff. There’s a scavenger hunt at four that Great Lakes is putting on, so I’ll have to leave for that. But otherwise, I’m going to just lay here and dream of being in the championships.




Internationals: Day 1 of Quizzing

I got a question! (I know, it’s incredible. Just bear with me here)

So, first question at Internationals for me was a Multiple Answer (my specialty!). “Some people are what?” The answer, of course, is “Throwing you into confusion and trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

After our first quiz, we had 9 points on the board. Doesn’t seem like much, but every little bit helps. And, our second quiz, we got 5. So 9 is definitely better. Third quiz; 12, putting us to a total of 26. Now, these three quizzes, we came in second for all of them. The final two, with 13 points for both of them, we came in first. Our total score for our first five quizzes is 52. Before you get excited, however, know that another team had 90 or some insane number like that.

The only other memorable thing about today is that we had some group photos taken, in our team shirts. I’ll hopefully put them up before the week is out, but we’ll see.

One last thing before I sign off: This site sometimes updates during the day, but we’ll see how it goes. This is the official site, but Western PA’s is usually more frequently updated.

Hope you all have enjoyed your vacation from me, ’cause it won’t last forever!


P.S. I made a mistake with the websites, sorry about that. The biblequizstats site only has last year’s data.  DO NOT USE THIS ONE!  Use the pnwquizzing site.  Scroll down to Preliminary Team and look for Northestern.  That is our data. Sorry again.

Internationals: Arrival

Well, we’re here. Somehow. Apparently, my coach, Claudine Campbell, has had really bad experiences flying (Not like crashing or anything, like being pulled out of line to be searched, almost missing planes, etc), but nothing like that happened this time around. Although, after a full body scan, my teammate Tim Frudd’s head was searched. So we know there’s something up there.

The flights were basically okay, although the second planes’ landing left a little to be desired. The actual landing on the runway was fine, but getting low enough was rough. There was a little turbulence, too, but that was to be expected.


This is Spokane,  Washington from the sky. Our hotel is somewhere on the left hand side of the picture.We got in around 1:00 Spokane time, (3:00 New York time), and tried to settle in a little bit. After that, we went to a small Italian restaurant. Everyone besides myself and Tim split a pizza, but I got a small plate of spaghetti, and the salad bar, and two pieces of the best garlic bread I have ever had. Tim had the same, except a alfredo instead of spaghetti.

We mostly waited around yesterday, went swimming for a while, then went out for dinner at Red Robin. I got their bottomless root beer float (superb, I just wish I had more room) and a small chicken tortilla soup, which, again, I wish I had more room for it. We got back to the hotel at about 9:00 Spokane time (midnight back home) and collapsed.

I had a twenty hour day yesterday, starting from 4:00 in the morning back home, and ended at 9:00 last night. Most everyone else did, too. Quizzing doesn’t start until tomorrow sometime, but registration starts tonight at 4:00. I think I’m fairly well adjusted to the time difference (not eating any real food until we got into Spokane helped), but we’ll see as the day goes one.

Love most of you, and miss all of you.


A Poem From Me to You

Hi everyone! Well, here it is! My first post! I didn’t really know what to share, so I figured why not one of my poems. I wrote this a while ago with the intention of sharing it but, never got around to making it public till now! 😀  I’m sorry if you see any grammar issues. Enjoy!


My Dearest Friends…

I know right now I might seem so far away, I feel it too,

but know that I miss each and every one of you.

So while I’m here I’d like to let you know,

Some words of wisdom to help you on your road.

I’ve learned that true friends don’t always understand and sometimes they disagree,

but what makes a true friend is that they are always listening.

They’re not judging, not pointing,

rolling eyes or sighing at your pain,

but realize that what you are going threw feels more then you can take.

Not all friends will have the answers, most never do,

but that’s not always what we desire when we feel down and blue.

Sometimes pain can’t be taken away, but just someone listening and nodding, not pointing or judging is all we need that day.

A “What can I do, I see you feel sad,

I can’t imagine how you feel.”

Can do more then just a tad.

Well there you go, my thoughts to you this month.

Just remember this one curtail part.

EVERY ONE is different,

NO ONE is the same.

What’s easy for you might be wicked hard for me and that’s never easily changed.

It’s neithers fault, no one is stronger then another, we just all grow differently

We were born this way.

But just as a river grows differently then a tree both are beautifully not the same.

Enjoy your week I hope to see you soon,

Pray for me,

I will always pray for you.

-Sarah Joy Wagner

LIFE 2016

Wow.  There is just so much that’s happened. It’s insane out here. There’s just been so much knowledge being passed to us through the sessions. There’s no way to describe it. It’s just been amazing.

At the same time, it’s been interesting to be so far away from my family for so long. And to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying it. I’ve also been spending a lot of time away from our group from Syracuse. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just like meeting new people. The way I explained to one person is that I’m such an extrovert, those people are boring to me now.

Worship has been led by the Jordan Howerton Band, who I had never heard of until this week. But really, they are amazing. Wednesday night, there was a magic show performed  by Justin Flome, that I barely got in to. He’s a Christian illusionist, but don’t let that turn you away. In fact, he’s better for it.

Also amazing was watching Trace Bundy play ‘Overtime’ just before Thursday night’s session. That guy can play like no one’s business. Our first three main sessions were taught by Francis Chan. He taught about how great God is, so great that nothing is an accident with him.

I should probably explain how sessions work. Everyone goes to a main session in the morning, then go to breakout sessions, where lesser well known people speak. After that, there’s lunch, then the second session (Unless you have a service project, I’ll get to that later), then free time until supper, and then a evening session. After the evening session, there’s a party out on the block, then we all try to cram into a bus and get back to the hotel.

A service project is when a group of kids goes out and helps renew the city. My group went to a small alternative school, where we pulled out one kind of grass, weeded pathways, and one or two cleaned some chairs. Other people were working in garden, judging by the photos.

Thursday morning’s main session was about the prodigal son, but the guy took a spin on it like nothing I had seen. Basically, he pointed out the fact that Jesus was talking to the scribes and Pharisees, not to the sinners. His question was ‘Are you a scribe and Pharisee, and if so, are you going to join the party?’

The evening session was led by John Stumbo, the C&MA president. He’s full of wisdom and wit. His talk was on how everyone’s going to have someday when they feel as though they should just give up on following Christ. But, if you see it through, you’ll be so much better for it.

That brings me to this morning. It’s 6:58 here, and we should be to the convention center in about an hour. I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise, and took a few pictures, because there’s a daily photo contest that I’m hoping to win. We’ll see, though.

Today is our last ‘regular’ day. Tomorrow, we run the Momentum 5K, and Sunday, we fly back home. I’ll see you all soon!


P.S. I have actually met two people with the name Elijah. It’s kind of freaky, honestly, because one of them is almost like my twin. Not in looks, but in mannerisms. Anyway, just wanted to add that. Also, #life2016 to watch the action.