A Poem From Me to You

Hi everyone! Well, here it is! My first post! I didn’t really know what to share, so I figured why not one of my poems. I wrote this a while ago with the intention of sharing it but, never got around to making it public till now! 😀  I’m sorry if you see any grammar issues. Enjoy!


My Dearest Friends…

I know right now I might seem so far away, I feel it too,

but know that I miss each and every one of you.

So while I’m here I’d like to let you know,

Some words of wisdom to help you on your road.

I’ve learned that true friends don’t always understand and sometimes they disagree,

but what makes a true friend is that they are always listening.

They’re not judging, not pointing,

rolling eyes or sighing at your pain,

but realize that what you are going threw feels more then you can take.

Not all friends will have the answers, most never do,

but that’s not always what we desire when we feel down and blue.

Sometimes pain can’t be taken away, but just someone listening and nodding, not pointing or judging is all we need that day.

A “What can I do, I see you feel sad,

I can’t imagine how you feel.”

Can do more then just a tad.

Well there you go, my thoughts to you this month.

Just remember this one curtail part.

EVERY ONE is different,

NO ONE is the same.

What’s easy for you might be wicked hard for me and that’s never easily changed.

It’s neithers fault, no one is stronger then another, we just all grow differently

We were born this way.

But just as a river grows differently then a tree both are beautifully not the same.

Enjoy your week I hope to see you soon,

Pray for me,

I will always pray for you.

-Sarah Joy Wagner


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