Internationals: Arrival

Well, we’re here. Somehow. Apparently, my coach, Claudine Campbell, has had really bad experiences flying (Not like crashing or anything, like being pulled out of line to be searched, almost missing planes, etc), but nothing like that happened this time around. Although, after a full body scan, my teammate Tim Frudd’s head was searched. So we know there’s something up there.

The flights were basically okay, although the second planes’ landing left a little to be desired. The actual landing on the runway was fine, but getting low enough was rough. There was a little turbulence, too, but that was to be expected.


This is Spokane,  Washington from the sky. Our hotel is somewhere on the left hand side of the picture.We got in around 1:00 Spokane time, (3:00 New York time), and tried to settle in a little bit. After that, we went to a small Italian restaurant. Everyone besides myself and Tim split a pizza, but I got a small plate of spaghetti, and the salad bar, and two pieces of the best garlic bread I have ever had. Tim had the same, except a alfredo instead of spaghetti.

We mostly waited around yesterday, went swimming for a while, then went out for dinner at Red Robin. I got their bottomless root beer float (superb, I just wish I had more room) and a small chicken tortilla soup, which, again, I wish I had more room for it. We got back to the hotel at about 9:00 Spokane time (midnight back home) and collapsed.

I had a twenty hour day yesterday, starting from 4:00 in the morning back home, and ended at 9:00 last night. Most everyone else did, too. Quizzing doesn’t start until tomorrow sometime, but registration starts tonight at 4:00. I think I’m fairly well adjusted to the time difference (not eating any real food until we got into Spokane helped), but we’ll see as the day goes one.

Love most of you, and miss all of you.



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