Internationals: Day 1 of Quizzing

I got a question! (I know, it’s incredible. Just bear with me here)

So, first question at Internationals for me was a Multiple Answer (my specialty!). “Some people are what?” The answer, of course, is “Throwing you into confusion and trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

After our first quiz, we had 9 points on the board. Doesn’t seem like much, but every little bit helps. And, our second quiz, we got 5. So 9 is definitely better. Third quiz; 12, putting us to a total of 26. Now, these three quizzes, we came in second for all of them. The final two, with 13 points for both of them, we came in first. Our total score for our first five quizzes is 52. Before you get excited, however, know that another team had 90 or some insane number like that.

The only other memorable thing about today is that we had some group photos taken, in our team shirts. I’ll hopefully put them up before the week is out, but we’ll see.

One last thing before I sign off: This site sometimes updates during the day, but we’ll see how it goes. This is the official site, but Western PA’s is usually more frequently updated.

Hope you all have enjoyed your vacation from me, ’cause it won’t last forever!


P.S. I made a mistake with the websites, sorry about that. The biblequizstats site only has last year’s data.  DO NOT USE THIS ONE!  Use the pnwquizzing site.  Scroll down to Preliminary Team and look for Northestern.  That is our data. Sorry again.


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