Internationals: Day 2-3

This post is probably long in the coming. I don’t feel bad about not doing anything yesterday, because we had a really long day of quizzing, and I had a really bad cold. Random fact for the day, it is apparently illegal in Washington to walk in public with the common cold.

Yesterday started off bad. Real bad. First off, I had a cold, and the entire night was spent tossing and turning. I actually had a dream that one of my teammates was listening to my music, then realized that it was a dream and woke myself up, which was nice, because I could think lucidly. But I digress. Our first quiz, we had like forty points, which equals 4 on the board. We barely came in second. Our second quiz, we came in last place with a grand total of 1 point to be put on the board. We didn’t have ten points in the quiz though…We had zero.

In the end, things brightened considerably. That afternoon, we had a few good quizzes. Nothing spectacular, but we were able to keep our ninth place standing.

I’m going to pause here and give a shout-out to everyone who’s sent me encouragement letters. I’m not going to actually name them, because that would take way too long, but thank you guys so much.

And to Moriah: I didn’t actually read the letters in order, but when I got to the one I was supposed to read first, I cried, because I really needed that at that point in the day.

Last night was the talent show. During one of our breaks, we decided to perform Blessed be Your Name (Quizzers Remix). And, actually, for deciding to play it that day, we did fairly good. I played the guitar, Jessica Link sang, and Samuel Lloyd played the beatbox, which is what I call those little drum-seat thingamajigs. If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s completely understandable.

Also joining us where two random people we asked: Josiah, from Great Lakes, and Sarah, who came from….Somewhere…..I don’t remember the district. Anywho, Josiah played the keyboard (because Timothy Frudd and Christopher Lloyd, our two other teammates, were scared), and Sarah sang along with Jess. It wasn’t Tobymac good, but it was worship good.

After that, I played Uno with Mr. and Mrs. Frudd and Jess. Our soul purpose in that game seemed to be not to let Mr. Frudd win. And if that was it, we succeeded.

This morning, I awoke and felt so much better than I did all yesterday. I’m still slightly congested in the nose, but there’s nothing leaking out, and I don’t have to carry tissues in my pocket to every single quiz. Our first quiz, we jumped right in, literally. At the end, we had a 190 score, putting 19 on the board. We had no time to celebrate, however, because we had to rush for our next quiz. Back-to-back quizzing is always hard, but the quiz before us had made it even harder by (on question 20) challenging a ruling. Challenging is when the captain of the team stands ups and says, (basically), ‘You’re wrong,’ to the quizmaster, the person who’s asking the questions and making the final decisions.

The quizmaster listened to all three captains, then overturned the challenge, sticking with the original ruling. Now, this wasn’t the time consuming part. The coach protested, which is when the coach stands up and says, ‘You’re still wrong,’ to the quizmaster. This involves a lengthy procedure where they have to talk among themselves, and if a decision isn’t made, they find someone who makes the final decision, someone who’s on the board that writes the laws.

All that to say we were half-an-hour late to our last preliminary quiz. We gave a decent showing, tying for first with 110 points. (If you still don’t understand the way quiz points work, that’s 11 on the board)

Now, this put us in eighth place, so we were put into the XYZ’s, which is just like prelims, except the top six don’t compete. We retained our position by winning with 120 points. Now, awful as it may seem, most of the points came from bonuses.

Okay, I’ll break off here again and explain some terminology: First, an error = getting one wrong. Second, when an error occurs, the team must sit out for one question. It is now a toss-up between the other two teams. If another error happens, it’s a bonus for the final team. I think it’s called a bonus because it’s supposed to be easy points.

So, to get most of our points by bonuses, there were a lot of errors. In fact, on question 20, there was an error. It became a toss-up on question 20A. (Questions 16-20 have A’s and B’s). A Multiple Answer Question, the question Jess and I were both trained to jump on. Now, our coach had told us not to jump. We were easily holding our place, so it made sense. But an MA? It was so hard for Jess and I to sit back and let the other team get it, especially when it was one of the easiest questions I have ever heard. Jess claims she actually had physical pain in her heart when she heard the question. Honestly, I kind of believe her, because I could almost feel the same thing, except in my gut. Though, that could have been hunger pangs. It was just about lunchtime….

Well, that basically brings me to the c lose of this day. I’m alone in the hotel room, and the others went out to the amusement park to do some rides and stuff. There’s a scavenger hunt at four that Great Lakes is putting on, so I’ll have to leave for that. But otherwise, I’m going to just lay here and dream of being in the championships.





One thought on “Internationals: Day 2-3

  1. tom brunner

    Thanks for the insights into the “scoring”. Can’t wait to hear how you do. Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Proud of you!
    Pastor Tom


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