Internationals: Finals, the sequel

It’s over. We lost. Kind of.

My quizzing years are done. Doesn’t matter. I had one shot, and I did what I could. I helped the team, and in the end, we came in fourth. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Wow. It’s over.

Though, it wasn’t like we went without a fight. Central Canada and us tied on the last question. We went into a three question overtime. First question, Central jumped too fast and answered incorrectly. Good? Well, it only gives us a ten point bonus (because the third team had left the stage). So, question 23, Central gets it again, but this time, gets it right. Now, because of how late in the quiz their first error came, there was a 10 point deduction (17 on, besides having A’s and B’s, also has ‘error points’, which is a 10 point deduction). So, their correct answer gives them another tie with us. Sudden death overtime now. Correct, we will move on to the championships. Incorrect, you don’t.

I tried to jump, but I wasn’t fast enough. One of the other quizzers from Central got it right, obviously, and with an eruption of cheering, their section swarmed onto the stage, hugging and laughing.

It’s over. But I’m not trying to sound depressing. It was a lot of fun. Our team did everything they could, but in the end, it wasn’t good enough. That’s the way it works. You win some, you lose some.

So, nothing else to say but #goPNW!!!


P.S. Pacific Northwest (PNW) is currently the only US citizens in the championships, so my team feels the need to cheer for them.


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