Elijah is the founder of the Glorious Mess blog. It came about because he had too many story ideas brimming in his brain, and they longed to be shared. His favorite writing genre is fantasy, of which he has numerous novels-in-progress. The majority of what he will be posting is short fantasy adventures, or whatever random things happen to be on his mind that day.

Beca is the literary loving little lady, who doesn’t have a favorite genre, but likes to dabble in fantasy, dystopian, fairy tales, and historical fiction. She has many projects in the works, which she keeps procrastinating on. She also likes to write book reviews and will be primarily publishing those. Hopefully one for every book she reads, but with a procrastinator like Beca, you never know.

Abraham is a mere seventeen year old who loves to write fantasy and fiction. He has always had ideas and words stuck up in his head, waiting to be released onto paper. His blog posts will be on a range of different subjects, as his interests are broad and wide.

Sarah Joy is a high school graduate who is going towards nursing in college but has always loved the art of words. She has a special love for fantasy, dystopian and poetry. She has plenty of big stories in play and on mind but time to write them down has always been an issue. She hopes to post chapters from her own works. However, she asks you understand that everything is still in the process of perfection. She also hopes to suggest books, via book reviews and poems that you may enjoy.

Jess is an author who needs to write a description.

Bryce has always loved words and the power they hold to unlock entire worlds. He considers himself lucky enough to be a writer and the keeper of a unique key into the unexplored realms in the potential future of sci-fi, the untold stories of modern and historical fiction, and the wild tales of fantasy that weave their way through his mind at random intervals.