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The Beginning

In the beginning, the Lord contemplated. He rubbed his chin. A world of peace, beauty and love. There will be water, and land. I will make green plants and cute beasts. He rose from His majestic throne and a hand touched His arm. Without looking, He asked, “Yes, my Son?” A whispered suggestion, a nod, and an adjustment followed. The Lord of all spoke a word. He studied His work and spoke again. He modeled the atoms and light shone throughout the cosmos. The Lord grinned. He consulted His outlines and planned the next days. He would make many unique worlds and throw them into the sky. He would fill His chosen land with creatures with minds and beautiful plants. He would create a leader to rule over the world, even the mighty behemoth, a leader unlike all the other beasts of the land.

Over the next three days, Christ crafted the cosmos. With His great hand, The Lord flung the stars, planets comets, asteroids and all things into existence. Once far enough, the gravity of each item triggered and they crashed together, bouncing off into the distance. The Lord watched His calculations take place. Thousands of stars whirled together and created a massive black hole. He laughed, knowing what it would cause later on. When a gas giant and a red star converged, matter flew through space. The yellow star created by the explosion found its place in the universe, and stopped there. Around it, the debris settled in too. The Lord looked at this solar system, and removed Pluto. He thought again, and put it back, only much smaller. This complex galaxy would be thrown of course by the smallest adjustment, so He edited the cosmos with a word. He then settled on the third rock from Sol, but decided to wait until tomorrow.

The next day, He returned and partiality populated the world. He added birds, who looked at their feathers and chirped in delight. They thanked the Lord and flew off, twisting and twirling in the air. With a joyful cry, the Lord added fish to the sea, who darted through the waters, joyfully thanked the Lord and formed schools for teaching how to swim and how to talk fish. He strode through the beautiful nature He had created and watched it converse. The trees’ leaves vibrantly hopped from color to color, like a woman trying on dresses, not sure what looked best. Grass unanimously settled on green for its color. The flowers were a sight to behold. They formed wide squares, and twirled, flipping throughout the rainbow, even creating new colors. A lavender bush turned a whitish red, and named it pink. The willow trees dropped as if sad, but were quite joyous. The Lord sat under a beech tree and observed the goings-on. Something was missing; the world and the animals lacked a leader.

The next day, He created animals in order to fill the earth. None of these could rule the world. The Lord then thought of something. He spat on the soil, and made clay. He took it in His hands and breathed on it. When it fell to the ground, it grew into Adam, the first man. Christ put the Garden of Eden, the beautiful place God had meant for the greatest creature to stay, into Adam’s hand, and he went into his task with vigor. He strode throughout the garden, calling out names to the animals, and they leaped and grinned at their chosen name. The kangaroo especially. A few butterflies competed for the most beautiful colors, but they could not decide. When Adam was asked as a tiebreaker, he gave his opinion, and that butterfly blushed with pleasure. A robin asked for Adam to throw him into the air, so he could try to beat the eagle in speed. A serpent strutted about, and asked Adam to praise him. He politely declined. After meeting a pterodactyl, he flew over the earth on its back, and then the pterodactyl deposited him on the neck of a behemoth. He rode on its back, and it brought him to the garden of Eden, where he slid off its tail. Horses horsed around, fish smiled happily and experimented with their fins, and the moon went to the sun’s apartment for a cup of tea. The Lord walked the earth, and tasted the fruit of the trees. Dates and grapes soon became His favorite fruits. He took Adam for a ride on Leviathan, and whenever they splashed into the water, the waters droplets shone like crystals, seeking to please. He later created a wife for Adam. After the creation of man and the animals, the Lord took the seventh day of creation to rest. And that was just the beginning…


Midnight Mystery

It was midnight, and I didn’t know what to expect.

Since when have the stories been true? Ghosts, werewolves, the greek myths. We all know these are false. Bigfoot, Champ, none of these are true. And yet… Well, I should probably start with the beginning. It was one of those camping trips, the kind where you suddenly decide to just go for it, you know? And we just went for it. After a nice long hike up the mountain, we set up camp near Norman Rock, the main sight we had set out to see. It was dark, save the fire, but we were not tired. My friends, Daniel, Matthew, and Elijah, were gathered around the fire, chatting away. Conversation died down like the fire, dwindling into coals. Being a funny type, I tried to stir the embers with a joke. “So, anyone know any good ghost stories?” Not like anyone actually, like, knew any good ones, right? Well, that’s where it got interesting.

Daniel spoke up, hesitantly. “So… you guys, I’ve always had a theory.” A chill ran down my spine. We were staring at him now, urging him onward. “Well, it began with my brother David, he was climbing up this mountain, when it got a little dark. He had brought a flashlight, of course, but he says it didn’t work, it was broken. He tried to fix it for a while and was so like, engaged in his work, he didn’t notice the time passing by. But when he looked up from his work, it was dark. Really dark. And… Well, nevermind.” We waited.

“Oh, seriously? What happened, you can’t stop there!” Matthew said.

“Yeah, it can’t be that scary! I wanna hear!” Elijah spoke up.

Daniel sighed. “Okay guys, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I will try and get by this as quickly as possible. His flashlight died down, and he so he turned back. It got darker and darker, and as he went down the hill he kept hearing noises, cracking, crunching. He was 18 years old, but he was getting scared. He heard one crack that sounded like a whisper. He tried to calm his fears, and he knew it wasn’t true, so he forced himself to convince himself by like… going there and seeing what it was. He turned and walked towards the noise, knowing it wasn’t true.”

I leaned over to Matthew and spoke under my breath, joking – but only half joking. “Maybe I didn’t want to hear this, Beastly.”

He turned to me and whispered, “This is a good story, it sounds credible.” I turned away and continued listening. Another whisper came to me, “You should be scared.” I turned to him with a puzzled look on my face. His voice sounded different. But he wasn’t leaning over at me, he was staring with a terrified look at something beyond the fire. I looked, and I couldn’t believe it.

“Guys. Over there.” I spoke, hardly audibly. Elijah turned. Daniel was the only one left,  he was facing me. We all stared behind him, in absolute terror. Daniel didn’t turn. All he said was. “It’s true. The stories are true.”


Note from the Author: This story was written in a writing group, with a 10 minute timer and a few prompts to choose from. It’s one of my favorite works.